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Our passion is to provide reliable and valid health information. 

Currently, a wide range of medical books and websites are accessible. Time is of the essence while trying to locate pertinent and clinically valuable information. Obtaining and retrieving standard reference medical knowledge takes a lot of time. Finding accurate and precise material that is both clinically appropriate and helpful for their exam perspective while also being easily remembered is a challenge that most medical students encounter. This website aims to deliver medical knowledge in a clear, succinct, and effective diagrammatic manner, focusing exclusively on the most crucial and therapeutically relevant topics.




Drug information and medical tools are intended to use by health personnel.

Medicalverge does not provide medical advice or any drug recommendation. Blogs or any information on this website may contain 3rd party copyrighted material. The information and tools provided in this website are purely educational.


Extraordinary Experiences

  • Speciality in the health-field : MBBS, MD-Pharmacology 
  • > 5 years of clinical expertise treating a wide range of patient health issues in both government and private institutions.
  • over five years of expertise educating in the field of pharmacology at both public and private medical colleges.

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