newer anticancer drugs

Immunotoxins: structure, mechanism, uses and limitations

Immunotoxins are a new class of large molecules and targeted anticancer drugs. It is a conjugated protein containing an antibody, growth factor, or cytokine that binds directly to target cells and toxins (e.g. Diphtheria toxin) joined together with a pH-sensitive cross linker that serves as a disulfide bond in between. Like “magic bullets,” it destroys […]

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Anticancer drugs classification

Anticancer drugs are divided into two categories: cytotoxic (non-specific) and targeted (specific). Since cytotoxic anticancer drugs are unable to distinguish between cancer cells and naturally rapidly dividing normal cells in the body, they cause side effects such as bone marrow suppression, alopecia, and diarrhea. Alkylating agents, platinum compounds, anti-metabolites, mitotic spindle inhibitors, topoisomerase inhibitors, and

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