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Topical antifungal drugs

Topical antifungal drugs are applied externally on the body in the form of cream, ointment, gel, lotion, spray, shampoo or powder. These are used to treat fungal infections on skin, hair, nails, vagina and inside the mouth. The benefit of topical application is that it has minimal adverse effects on the body as well as […]

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topical steroids list


Topical steroids are used to treat a wide range of dermatological illnesses. Their anti-inflammatory, immunosuppressive, vasoconstrictor, and antiproliferative (for scaling lesions) properties are major mechanism to use them topically. The extent of absorption to deeper layers determines the strength of action, and hence the lipophilicity of the molecule determines potency to a large extent. Fluorinated


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Corticosteroids: action, uses, side effects & steroid withdrawal syndrome

Steroids or Corticosteroids are hormones produced by the adrenal cortex and are necessary for various physiological functions in the body. The terms ‘corticosteroid’ and ‘corticoid‘ are used interchangeably to refer to natural gluco- and mineralo-corticoids, and their synthetic analogues. Hydrocortisone is the major endogenous glucocorticoid, whereas aldosterone is the major endogenous mineralocorticoid. The key role of

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